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Handbuzz and Other Voices by Karyn Lie-Nielsen


Limited Edition Chapbook
Winner of the 2015 Afternoonified Chapbook Contest

26 pages, 6″ x 9″, Perfect-bound
$10.00 (+ $3.00 Shipping)

Handbuzz and Other Voices is the remarkable work of Karyn Lie-Nielsen and the winner of Damfino Press’ first Afternoonified Chapbook Contest. Lie-Nielsen, an ASL translator and the child of Deaf parents, examines the relationships between parents and children, between the hearing and Deaf worlds and asks, “What’s curled beneath my skin / that given light, might ruffle open, / might begin?”

Praise for Handbuzz and Other Voices:

These poems partake of the primal magic of sound and silence while showing, with remarkable sensitivity, the ties that may be forged between those two vastly different lands. To locate the beauty and wonder in the hard facts of predicament takes special heart. Karyn Lie-Nielsen has it.
—Baron Wormser

At the heart of Handbuzz and Other Voices is the complex synaesthesia of language itself. Writing from her experience growing up as the hearing child of deaf parents, Karyn Lie-Nielsen uses her attentive precision to open a door to a world abuzz in our midst that yet remains hidden to many. Here words fly, eyes listen, bones hum, grass whines. These poems remind us that our varied forms of communication occupy “magic space,” and they summon us into it.
Jeanne Marie Beaumont


Table of Contents

  • Demeter and Persephone in Odessa, Missouri 1918-1922
  • Voice
  • Black
  • Handbuzz
  • How I Learned to Talk
  • She Does Not Raise Her Voice To Call Us
  • The Deaf Woman, Her Daughter Listens
  • The Deaf Woman Observes Her Hearing Daughter
  • Meeting My Father for Lunch
  • Hank Williams and My Father
  • Knowing Him As Laughter
  • Wind
  • Euna’s Music
  • Woman Holding A Balance
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • The Stilt Walkers
  • The Town of Emotional Transport

 About the Author:

photo credit: Marti Stone

Karyn Lie-Nielsen makes her home in mid-coast Maine where in addition to writing poetry and prose, she is a devoted gardener. Raised by Deaf parents, she is fluent in American Sign Language and enjoys performing and translating ASL poetry. She has taught
sign language, worked as an interpreter for the Deaf, and performed with the National Theater of the Deaf. She holds an MFA from the University of Maine’s Stonecoast Writing Program.



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