Quirky. Eclectic. Pixel-based.

Mission Statement

Dămfīno exists to defy neat labels, narrow definitions and the tyranny of middle ground. We showcase poetry, essays, reviews & odd bits of language from a diverse and eclectic pool of artists who combine the unexpected with joy in well-crafted language.  We don’t care what descriptors get attached to your name or your writing as long as your work is, in our highly subjective opinions, good. Exciting. Head-top-removing. Expressing the inexpressible or illuminating the ordinary with a rare and textured light.

Dămfīno  publishes work online;  offers chapbook, book design, and editing services; and holds writing workshops.

What are we looking for? Dămfīno. We agree to disagree. We contradict ourselves. We revel in clashing ideas that hurt our heads in interesting ways.

Really, we’re making this up as we go along. It should be a gloriously interesting set of imperfections reaching for artistic utopia. We plan to have a fantastic time attempting the impossible. We hope you enjoy our works-in-progress.