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Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open!

  • Please read our guidelines before submitting
  • We publish lyrical essays, poetry book reviews, and poetry. We might be up for something unique that defies categorization that’s 1 – 5 pages long. We do not publish fiction of any kind.
  • Surprise us.
  • While we strive to keep ourselves open stylistically, the editors are generally uninterested in the following things:
    • Formal poems in which the form takes precedence over the content. 
    • Experimental formatting that does not contribute to the content of your work. 
    • Greeting card verse.
    • Hateful speech against a person or group. 
    • Erotica.
    • Sermonizing verse.
  • Work we are emphatically interested in:
    • Work that is exciting. Head-top-removing. Expressing the inexpressible or illuminating the ordinary with a rare and textured light.
    • Depth.
    • Unusual points of view.
    • Synthesis of disparate elements &  cognitive dissonance.
    • Quirky narrative and non-narrative work on the human experience.
    • Language-rich poems with strong imagery and command over line.
  • Send (1) email to submissions@damfinopress.com with the subject header “Submission: <Your Name Here>, <Type of Work>, <Title(s) of Work>” e.g. “Submission: Jane Doe,  Essay, “Ode to an Axlotl”. If you would like to send both an essay and poems, please send them as separate submissions.
  • Do not submit more than one essay and/or one group of poems per six-month period. 
  • Include a short bio and cover letter at the top of your email. 
  • Please submit no more than (3) three poems or (1) one essay. Paste your work in the body of the email with a horizontal line between poems. Attach (1) one MS Word, Open Office, Google Doc, or Adobe Acrobat file so we can check the formatting if we’re interested. We prefer to read submissions in 12pt. font in Times New Roman.
  • No simultaneous submissions or previously published work. We define previously published work  as work that has appeared online in a public forum, web site, or blog; or in print.
  • We ask for the right to publish your work online, archive the work as published, and to reprint published poems in future anthologies. Authors whose work is reprinted in an anthology will receive a payment of (1) one copy of the anthology in which their work appears.
  • If you do not hear from us after 30 days please send a query to submissions@damfinopress.com .
  • Unfortunately, we cannot pay writers at this time.