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The Afternoonified Poetry Chapbook Contest

 The 2nd Annual Afternoonified Poetry Chapbook Contest



Update 5/31/16: We had a strong field of entries and are grateful for all the entries we received. After a lot of reading and close consideration, we’d like to congratulate our winner Kelli Allen for her manuscript How We Disappear. Check back with this page for information on when the chapbook is available for pre-order, or join our mailing list.

Update 5/14: Due to the volume and quality of the submissions this year, the announcement of our winner for the 2016 Afternoonified Chapbook contest has been delayed until June 1st, 2016. 

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Afternoonified Poetry Chapbook Contest presented by Dămfīno Press! Manuscripts are judged by Dămfīno staff members. All finalists will be considered for publication. Please read the complete guidelines before submitting your manuscript.

Submission Open: March 14, 2016 through April 30th, 2016. The winner will be notified by May 15th, 2016.

Award: 25 chapbook copies and free attendance to the Ilya Kaminsky workshop on Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7, 2016. This includes the $300.00 fee for the workshop and $65.00 toward one-night’s stay. Note: winner is responsible for their own transportation and any costs incurred to and from the workshop site.

Eligibility: The Afternoonified Poetry Chapbook Contest is open to anyone writing in the English language whether living in the United States or abroad. The contest entry fee is $15.00 and is non-refundable. Translations are not eligible. Previously published chapbooks whether self-published in print or online are not eligible. Employees, volunteers, and partnership affiliates with Dămfīno Press are not eligible.

How to Enter: Click the “Enter Now” button above and pay your entry fee through our online store. When we process your entry fee, we’ll send you the information on where to email your manuscript.

Manuscript Requirements & Ethical Guidelines

  1. Submit a previously unpublished chapbook manuscript 15-26 pages in length. Include 1) a table of contents; 2) a cover page with poet’s contact information including address, active telephone number, and an email address and manuscript title; 3) a title page with manuscript title ONLY. Do not include a biography or acknowledgements page anywhere in your submission.
  2. Individual poems previously published in print or online magazines, journals, or anthologies may be included in your manuscript submission. Please remember NOT to include an acknowledgements page with your manuscript. Once a winner is announced, we will collect acknowledgements and biographical information.
  3. Poems should be single-spaced. Please bold-face titles. Each poem should begin on its own page.
  4. Please use Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica for the entire manuscript submission. Do not add pictures, graphics, or artwork. Cover art will be selected by the editors.
  5. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers and contests are okay, but please be courteous and notify us that you are revoking your entry. Reminder: the $15.00 entry fee is non-refundable.
  6. Before you submit your manuscript to the contest, please review our mission statement. Also, check out the work currently published in Dămfīno’s Journal to give you an idea of what we like. We also suggest reading through our journal’s submission guidelines for more ideas on our voice and aesthetic.



How We Are Judging Our 2016 Contest

The 2nd Annual Afternoonified Poetry Chapbook Contest for 2016 is being judged by Heather J. Macpherson, Executive Director of Dămfīno Press and Sarah Sapienza, Editor of the Dămfīno Journal. As each manuscript is received, Dămfīno Journal’s intern will print each submission and number the cover page and title page in order to keep track of each author. Once that process is complete, Heather and Sarah will receive the manuscript copies with title page with manuscript only in order to insure the anonymity of each contestant. Please understand that it is unlikely that contest entries will receive feedback on their work; this is simply due to time constraints (and we also have day jobs in order to support ourselves and this adventure we’re on!)